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Accidental Flight

Custom fabricated 3D-printed nylon components, epoxy, aluminum, pvc coated polyester, braided kite line, Risograph publication. 7 x 16 x 7 feet. (2016)

Accidental Flight is a public sculpture, performance, and publication series that explores the aesthetic, conceptual, corporeal/somatic and transcendent aspects of flight, invention, technology and collaboration. Commissioned for the Emerging Artist Fellowship at Socrates Sculpture Park, the piece pairs a monumental public sculpture based on the triangular-trussed kites built by Alexander Graham Bell with a monthly publication of kite patterns (“scores”) for visitors to Socrates Park to take away or download from the park’s website, assemble in public workshops, and fly. To accompany the kite scores, monthly kite-flying performances took place throughout the exhibition.

Click here for the accompanying publication, KiteScores, released through the Socrates site.

Exhibition Timeline